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The Thyroid Academy Membership is your fast track solution to creating an evidenced based thyroid practice that helps you and your patients achieve extraordinary outcomes

“Dr Rothwell has superseded my expectations to thoroughly and efficiently break down the complex world of thyroid health. Her simple and educational approach makes it incredibly easy for me to quickly integrate her approaches into practice the next day. I would highly recommend her academy as a simple and efficient way to stay on top of the latest functional medicine approaches to thyroid health”

– Dr. Landon M. ND, Whistler BC


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no-fluff lectures and our signature summary slides gets you instant access to new knowledge

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We combine the current research with the art of clinical practice. You will have expert guidance through your most challenging cases

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Grow your practice and your skills effortlessly within a community of like-minded practitioners and built in referrals

“The thyroid perplexes many clinicians, Dr. Katie is the remedy. Katie’s courses cut through the confusion and offer a comprehensive review of current research, help us critically think through common and complex clinical scenarios, and offer practical guidance for managing thyroid disease in clinical practice.”

– Dr. Kara D. ND, Owen Sound ON

We have a BIG problem with the standard of thyroid care in the natural health world for 3 reasons

  1. Inadequate training and mentoring in our educational programs
  2. Absence of high quality continued education (that isn’t sponsored by a supplement company or pharmacy)
  3. The wildfire spread of misinformation and down right dangerous treatment strategies that patients (and practitioners) find online and on social media

This leaves a huge gap in thyroid care and there are thousands of patients who are looking for informed and confident practitioners.

Our goal at The Thyroid Academy is to bring you high quality evidenced based information that will move your practice and your patients forward

We do things differently.

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Katie’s courses are my thyroid bibles – easy to understand, full of up-to-date research and immediately applicable to clinical practice with protocols, monitoring, and patient handouts. She makes you feel 100% confident in your decision making when treating any hypothyroid patient. I highly recommend her courses and membership to any new or seasoned practitioner.

– Dr. Sarah K. ND, Barrie ON

Check out our growing database of video content

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Subclinical Hypothyroidism

TSH Suppression

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The Thyroid Panel

The Thyroid Diet

Thyroid and Environmental medicine

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Diet - Myths and FAQs

Chronic Infections and
The Thyroid

Weight Management for the Thyroid Patient

Treatment Resistant Antibodies

Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Hashimoto's Disease Research Update

T2 - The forgotten thyroid hormone?

The Gut-Thyroid Axis


Dr. Rothwell’s two foundational courses: Evidenced based approach to Hashimoto’s disease AND Prescribing Desiccated Thyroid are both included in the membership. These two courses alone are 4+ hours of content and $199 each, which makes the membership amazing value. 

All monthly modules (2 hours / month) would be approved under Cat B credits in Ontario. The Foundational Courses (listed above) are approved for Cat A in Ontario. 

We meet twice per month, on the first and third Monday (excluding Holidays) at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. You will be provided a Zoom link to join each call. 

Our membership is a 6 month commitment and auto renews every 6 months. If you wish to cancel, then your next auto renewal will not occur. As this is a immediate access digital product, we do not offer refunds. 

Yes! Paying in full gives you the best value, however you can choose to pay monthly at check-out

Meet Your Leader

Hi, I’m Katie.

I started out my clinical practice hating everything thyroid. I told myself I just wouldn’t see thyroid patients (ha!). Then I became a thyroid patient and everything changed. I became acutely aware of the need to support our thyroid patients beyond ‘take this pill for the rest of your life’.

I spent the next 2 years (and thousands of dollars) going to every conference and thyroid course I could get my hands on.  I read blogs, listened to podcasts, and scoured social media. I tried implementing my new knowledge with my patients. I felt deflated, disappointed, and TBH kinda pissed. Why wasn’t any of this working?

Finally, I stopped looking to others for answers and turned to the research. I read study after study on thyroid health. I developed my own protocols and framework for my patients based on what the science and literature was telling me. My patients were finally seeing real results.

Dr. Katie is a Naturopathic Doctor, clinic owner, thyroid authority and educator. Her mission is to break the mold of traditional thyroid care and to bring evidenced based thyroid education to practitioners and patients.

She is fiercely passionate about providing accurate, evidenced based thyroid education to a variety of health professionals including Naturopathic Doctors, functional medicine doctors, MDs, DOs, nutritionists and dietitians. She created her two flagship practitioner trainings before launching The Thyroid Academy. She is a medical advisor, lectures regularly to her ND colleagues, and provides consulting services North America wide.

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FYI … If you see even ONE thyroid patient a month, your investment has paid for itself

The Thyroid Academy

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  • Monthly Modules
  • Monthly Clinical Rounds
  • Growing database of 20+ hours content
  • Research Summaries
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  • Facebook Community w/Dr. Katie
  • Access to flagship courses ($500 value)
  • Professional Listing in our Thyroid Directory

The Thyroid Academy

6-Month Membership - SAVE 10%
$ 449 plus applicable taxes*
  • Monthly Modules
  • Monthly Clinical Rounds
  • Growing database of 20+ hours content
  • Research Summaries
  • Practitioner Resource Database
  • Facebook Community w/Dr. Katie
  • Access to flagship courses ($500 value)
  • Professional Listing in our Thyroid Directory
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