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Iodine and Thyroid Health

Iodine and Thyroid Health

What you’ll learn:

In this webinar you will learn:
  • a quick review of the research on how iodine impacts thyroid health, including autoimmune thyroid conditions like Hashimoto's and Graves' disease
  • a review of the different testing methods for iodine and whether or not testing is truly  necessary
  • how to assess for iodine levels in your patients with clinical case taking
  • how to identify patients who are at risk for an iodine deficiency
  • dietary sources of iodine in North America
  • iodine requirements through the lifespan: children, adults, pregnancy and breast feeding
  • how to clinically navigate iodine through diet and supplements with your thyroid patients, including patients who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
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Graves' Disease

What you’ll learn: 

  • Graves’ Pathophysiology and Assessment
  • Conventional Treatments
  • Integrative Treatments
  • Diet, Lifestyle, and more

Graves’ Disease 

This efficient 55 minute lecture will provide you with a solid understanding of Graves’ disease presentation, assessment and pathophysiology. Most importantly, you will learn the research based treatment options and how we can best support our Graves’ patients.  

What you’ll learn: 

Graves’ Pathophysiology and Assessment: a brief review of Graves’ disease pathophysiology and how it causes hyperthyroidism. We will also discuss how it differs from other forms of hyperthyroidism and how to DDX and assess for Graves’ disease, as well as for possible comorbidities. 

Conventional Treatments: Conventional treatment include anti-thyroid drugs, RAI and thyroidectomy will be briefly discussed 

Integrative Treatments: Integrative treatments options and the research behind them will be reviewed, including: Vitamin D, Selenium, L-Carnitine, Inositol, Lemon Balm, Lycopus, Leonorus, Probiotics, Iodine, Fish Oils, Mitochondrial supports and more. Contraindicated supplements will also be reviewed. 

Diet, Lifestyle, and more: We will also review our important role in optimizing diet, exercise, and reducing other possible graves’ disease sequelae such as cardiovascular side effects, bone loss, weight loss, and muscle loss. 

What you get: 

  • Recorded 1-hour lecture  
  • Slides available to download for future reference 
  • Summary slides outlining essential bloodwork and treatment options
  • EMR Resource: a summary of all important take-aways in a word document 
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Desiccated Thyroid and TSH Suppression FAQ

Desiccated Thyroid & TSH Suppression

 Is TSH suppression on NDT truly safe?

  • Get the answer to one of my most frequently asked questions

In this short module we will discuss 

  • The applicable research on TSH suppression and how it applies to patients on NDT 
  • Why TSH suppression may not be as safe as we were led to believe 
  • How NDT causes TSH suppression and the pharmacokinetics of T3 containing medications 
  • How to assess risk and options for managing TSH suppression in your patients 


What you get 

  • 25 minute video module with lifetime access
  • all associated slides in download-able format for your reference 
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Prescribing Desiccated Thyroid - 2023 updates

What You’ll Learn…

  • Patient Assessment
  • Types of Desiccated Thyroid
  • Prescription Essentials
  • Advanced Techniques and Switching from Synthroid
  • Case Studies, Sample Protocols and Special Populations
  • Plus patient handouts, templates, and more

NEW and Updated for 2023 

This updated lecture brings a number of important additions: 

  • More efficient and concise; total watch time of 2+ hours broken up into 3 modules. 

  • Research review: updated discussion of new/important research related to NDT 

  • ERFA vs Compounded desiccated thyroid: what’s changed over the years and what Dr. Katie now prefers 

  • Updated protocols for transitioning your patients from levothyroxine to NDT

  • NEW patient handouts: “How to test your thyroid” + “NDT patient information” + “Practitioner cheat sheet: Optimal thyroid levels” 

  • Enhanced discussion of the top 3 clinical challenges with NDT 

    • NDT use in pregnancy and postpartum 

    • TSH suppression on NDT - is it truly safe? 

    • How thyroid hormones change while on NDT and how to correctly run and interpret blood work results


Patient Assessment

How to assess your patients with proper thyroid bloodwork, physical exams, and symptoms to determine if NDT would benefit them

Thyroid Hormone Physiology

A review of thyroid hormone production, conversion, and utilization as well as T4 / T3 medication physiology.

Types of Desiccated Thyroid

We will compare Canadian NDT forms (ERFA and Compounded), the benefits and disadvantages of each, availability, sources, and prescribing how-tos and clinical pearls

Prescription Essentials

When and how to safely initiate NDT, how to follow up and monitor success with optimal bloodwork levels. Prescription templates included!

Advanced Techniques and Switching from Synthroid

When and how to use BID / split dosing, filler options, as well as my tried and tested protocol for seamlessly switching your patients fro, T4-only medications to NDT

Case Studies, Sample Protocols and Special Populations

We will be covering lots of examples and case studies as well as NDT Rx-ing in pregnancy, elderly, sensitive patients and Hashimoto’s Disease. This is a clinical webinar designed to improve your patient outcomes in real life.


  • NDT Patient Info Sheet
  • Patient handout: How to test your thyroid 
  • Tapering Protocol template 
  • Practitioner cheat sheet: Optimal blood work numbers
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Evidence Based approach Hashimoto's Disease

What You’ll Learn…

  • Patient Assessment
  • Evidenced Based Therapeutics
  • Hashimoto’s Immunology Crash Course
  • Addressing the Root Cause
  • Thyroid Medication for Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Sample Protocols and Case Studies

Patient Assessment

You’ll learn what labs you need to run to properly assess your patient’s for Hashimoto’s and evaluate their thyroid function, what as other conditions you should be screening for, and when a referral is necessary.


Evidenced Based Therapeutics

The bulk of the webinar, we will cover the vitamins, minerals, and herbals that have evidence for treating Hashimoto’s Disease. Testing, dosing, and research will be reviewed in order to get you the best patient outcomes.


Hashimoto’s Immunology Crash Course

What’s happening to the thyroid gland in Hashimoto’s disease? Are thyroid antibodies the cause or effect of autoimmune thyroid diseases?


Addressing the Root Cause

Contributing factors to the development and management of Hashimoto’s disease will be covered, including gut health, diet environmental factors and more.


Thyroid Medication for Hashimoto’s Disease

What types of medication can we use? When do we initiate them, and how do we monitor patient success?


Sample Protocols and Case Studies

My go-to protocols as well as a number of case studies will be reviewed. This is a clinical webinar designed to improve your patient outcomes in real life. Bonus protocols for Grave’s Disease and Thyroid Nodules included!

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