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The Thyroid Academy is a revolutionary educational platform for health professionals like you, who want to elevate their clinical practice and expand their reach. It’s your fast track to creating an evidence based thyroid practice that helps you and your patients achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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Dr. Katie Rothwell, ND

Dr. Katie is a Naturopathic Doctor, clinic owner, educator, and thyroid authority. Her mission is to break the mold of traditional thyroid care that leaves so many hypothyroid sufferers feeling forgotten and fatigued. She uses her signature framework and a practical down to earth approach to help her patients feel like themselves again. She is also fiercely passionate about providing evidenced based thyroid education to practitioners and is the founder and CEO of The Thyroid Academy

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The Thyroid Academy is the brainchild of Dr. Katie Rothwell, ND. Her mission is to break the mold of conventional thyroid care and provide high quality evidence based solutions to thyroid warriors worldwide.

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Join The Thyroid Academy waitlist. We’ll be launching courses for Health Seekers in the months ahead.

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